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Dominican Republic Video Tours

Real Estate Video Tours

Dominican Republic Real Estate

This page on our website contains videos produced to showcase the beautiful countryside of the Dominican Republic. Our videos are separated into two categories: REAL ESTATE AREA TOURS and TOURS OF THE DRIVE BETWEEN AREAS. Our videos are listed below in an easy to read format that shows airports closest to the area; largest area city; start and end points; and the duration of the video. The lists will grow frequently as we add more videos of special locations and the scenic tours between different areas.

Click on Video Image to View the Area Real Estate Tour

08 June 2020

  • Airport: Samana – El Catey (25 Minutes)
  • Airport: Santo Domingo (2.3 Hours)
  • City: Las Terrenas
  • Start: Coson
  • End: Esperanza
  • Video Length: 8:46 minutes

07 June 2020

  • Airport: Samana – El Catey (30 Minutes)
  • Airport: Santo Domingo (2.5 Hours)
  • City: Samana
  • Start: Puerto Bahia Samana
  • End: Las Galeras
  • Video Length: 8:50 minutes

10 June 2020

  • Airport: Samana – El Catey
  • Airport: Santo Domingo
  • City: Las Terrenas; Samana; Las Galeras
  • Start: Samana Airport
  • End: Las Galeras
  • Video Length: 7:22 minutes

Pinned Locations of Real Estate Video Tours

The links to Google Maps below show “Pins” which represent individual properties or locations included in our Real Estate Video Tours. These pins offer more information about a location or specific property. To view the map and pins in Full-Screen, click on the “square icon” in the grey colored header above the map (just to the right of the “share icon”). There is also a “menu icon” on the left side of the header that shows a menu of all pins. Clicking on any pin provides more information.


The Video Tours below show a visual presentation of the drive between specific locations or areas in the Dominican Republic. (Click on any image to view the video tour). Below each image is the estimated drive time; video length; and brief description of the drive.

Drive Time 20 Minutes

Video Length 2:21 – The drive from the Samana Airport to Las Terrenas is a beautiful drive on a modern new highway. The trip runs along a mountain road with ocean views. It is a toll road that costs just over $12.00 USD. It is possible to by-pass the toll road by driving first to the city of Sanchez, ten over the mountain to Las Terrenas.

Drive Time 45 Minutes

Video Length 4:37 – The drive from Las Terrenas to Samana starts from the ocean, goes up to the mountain ridge of the peninsula and then down to the Bay of Samana. The road is safe and well maintained. It is fairly flat up to the city of El Limon, but the road climbs to it’s highest point on the way to Samana. There are 3 gas stations along the way.

Drive Time 35 Minutes

Video Length 1:56 – The drive from the Samana Airport to Puerto Bahia Samana runs along the Bay  of Samana. There are some hills, but the road is mainly flat with scenic views. The main city along the way is Sanchez and the Arroyo Barril airport is a great place for a rest stop along the way. Puerto Bahia is on the west side of the city of Samana.

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