Rincon Lomas Develoment Land

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Listing Overview

This hillside development land is an ideal location for an ocean view community on the eastern tip of the Samana Peninsula located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The approved development plan includes six zones. Three zones include residential building sites ranging in lot sizes from 5oo to 1,000 square meters (m2). A fourth zone includes community amenities totaling over 22,000 m2 of palm trees and open space. Nearly 100,000 m2 is set aside for a hotel and 45,000 m2 of land is set aside for condominium development. Specific allocations are set forth in images below.

Why rincon Lomas

Many Residential Communities have a flat terrain and if you are not “front row” ocean views are non-existent or partial at best. The gentle slopes at Rincon Lomas, allow hillside elevated foundations to enhance ocean views.

Site Plan & Zoning

The images below show a detailed breakdown of the six zones for development. As you can see from the detailed site plan, the residential areas include multi-family and private villa that are separated because of the difference in planned lifestyles. Moreover, the private villa sites of different sizes are in separate zones.

Site Alignment

The image below shows the location of Playa Rincon and the resulting ocean views. The Samana Peninsula below illustrates the location of Playa Rincon and the Rincon Lomas site above the beach and to the west.

Potential Future Development Below

Rincon Bay

The main objective of the Rincon Bay development is to offer a prime tourist destination alternative that will contribute to the sustainable growth of the area, while living in harmony with the natural environment. The total area of this project is of approximately 9,000,000 Sqm² with 2,450 lineal meters of beachfront property and a capacity of 9,625 rooms spread over the total area of the project, to be used for real estate and hotel development. Project amenities will include an 18-hole golf course with PGA standards, a golf clubhouse, horseback riding center, sports areas, beach club, and spa facilities supplementary to the hotels. The shops, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities will be integrated into a village. The Master Plan includes seven beachfront hotels with a total of 4,572 rooms. A Beach Club will allow access to the beach for visitors and residents and will be located between hotels six and seven. The remaining 5,053 rooms will be divided into residential units, split into two types: villas and apartments. The exterior design of each residence will need to comply with the established architectural regulations and design criteria in order to maintain a similar façade and to ensure integration with the entire complex. For reference, Rincon Lomas Development Land is situated in the hills above the potential Rincon Bay Development.


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Area Video

The video below gives a brief overview of the location of this Ocean View Development Land. The proposed site is about an hour drive east of the El Catey – Samana International Airport, just minutes away from the city of Las Galeras.