Marina Puerto Bahia Slip MM-28

Marina Puerto Bahia is located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. It is situated on the northern side of Samana Bay which is formed by the Samana Peninsula. For reference, the resort town of Mitches is located on the southeast side of the bay which is formed by the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. One feature of the Bay of Samana is it’s safe waters and cool easterly trade winds. 

The Bay of Samana is a popular stop off point for boaters traveling from the USA to the Caribbean. The route follows the Bahama Islands and the Turks & Caicos Islands which are just to the north of the Dominican Republic (DR). The waters between the DR and Puerto Rico to the east are called the Mona Passage. Quite often, crossing the Mona Passage can be quite daunting with high winds and breaking swells. Therefore, the Marina Puerto Bahia is a great place to provision and look for a clear window to make the Mona Passage more safe and comfortable. While relaxing at the marina, there are great places to cruise and visit with the Bay of Samana. On a more permanent basis, Puerto Bahia Samana is a great community of international visitors with great restaurants and tons of things to do. Many boat owners also own properties within Puerto Bahia, which can range from a hotel condo to a spacious mountain villa with ocean views.

Resort Amenities

The main lobby of the hotel include a large reception area with multiple lounge areas and a dockside bar with a great view of all the boats in the marina. The waterfront of the Bannister Hotel has a covered promenade that provides direct access to the billiard room, convention rooms, kid’s room, the La Regatta Restaurant and the mini-market. Le Deauville Restaurant on the second floor above the hotel reception area host breakfast for the hotel guests.

Puerto Bahia Ocean Club

The Ocean Club is available to all owners and registered guests. This is a world class facility with multiple points of interest. The main amenity is the infinity swimming pool with a panoramic view of the Bay of Samana. There is also a lower deck for access to multiple water sports that include things like paddle surfing and swimming in the ocean. There is both poolside and indoor dining available. The ocean club also has periodic community festivities that include fishing tournament celebrations and outdoor movies for kids.

Puerto Bahia MM-28 Marina Location

MM-28 is located by the western rotunda of the Bannister Hotel. This area includes the mini-market, La Regatta Restaurant, customs, marina office, and laundry. It’s just a short walk to the Ocean Club. The eastern rotunda of the hotel includes the reception lobby, yacht club bar, and project offices. On the second level is the gymnasium, spa, and restaurant used mostly for ocean view breakfasts. Just outside the second level restaurant and bar is an ocean view infinity pool and coralina deck for outdoor dining or just lounging around by the pool above the marina.

Puerto Bahia Real Estate Combo

Please use the form below to find out more about other properties within Puerto Bahia Samana that might be available for discounts with the purchase of this Marina Boat Slip. Properties can range from condominiums in the hotel, condos adjacent to the hotel, mountain villas, or a townhome by either the marina or the ocean club.


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