Why Samaná Peninsula

I have had the great fortune of living in Las Terrenas, on the Samana Peninsula for seven years. I have also had the misfortune of returning to the United States for these past three years. I can tell you unequivocally that life in the DR is worth checking into!

There are tons of stunning spots for you to choose from within the country as well. You have ‘can’t-loose’ options of beachfront, ocean views, cool mountain breezes, and even dry almost desert-like climates. There are also familiar choices of home types and lifestyles. You can buy your standalone villa in a gated community, a condominium in a resort community, and an apartment in a hotel environment complete with multiple hotel amenities for personal use. In this instance, you can let the Hotel Management team rent your property as a real estate investment. Yes, I said INCOME! Whenever you decide to enjoy your investment, you just call and tell them not to rent out your unit for the time-period you will be enjoying it!

Why the Samana Peninsula of All Places?

One big reason I chose the DR over other countries is that they have Fee Simple Title … just like we do in the United States. This means ‘simply’ that you have the right to own your land, use it however you wish, or dispose of it in any way you wish. Maybe you, as the land owner wish to sell your property, maybe you wish to lease it, or leave it to someone in your will; it’s your land, you can do all these things. Hey, maybe you even want to give it away … no problem! Let us here at William Holden International Realty lead you through the process.

There is so much to see and do around the Samana Peninsula and the rest of the Dominican Republic and you will never be bored. You have oceans, water sports, glorious mountains and luscious waterfalls. You have some of the richest (definitely the oldest in the Americas) historical places to visit and to learn.

Another attraction is all the Taino Indian lore. Maybe this will bring the latent archeologist out of you!  There is as much art and culture as you can stand. Music is on every street corner, and almost everything is within about s 2-hour drive from each other. The scenic highways are an attraction in and of themselves! There are many incredible National Parks, like Los Haitisis National Park located across the bay from Samana. This is easily accessible via a really fun boat ride across the Bay of Samana. If you time it right (January thru March), you will be treated to a grand Whale Watching experience too! Every year during this time, Humpback Whales come to the Samana Bay to Birth and Breed. Can you say MAGNIFICENT? MARVELOUS? MIRACULOUS????! This park provides such a diversity of flora and fauna you will be completely astounded.

Another reason to love the Samana Peninsula is that the food is outstanding! Especially the fresh fruits (practically for the picking), and the wonderful seafood. The options are as varied and plentiful as anywhere on earth. We always say, “You will never starve here, and you will never freeze”. That is unless you climb Pico Duarte … the highest mountain in the Caribbean! This beauty soars to over 10,000 feet where there is snow! Imagine, snow in the Caribbean!

You spend much more time outdoors. This is therapeutic to both your body and your soul! Somehow the fresh air — the cool Trade Winds that brought Christopher Columbus here in the first place — and getting caught in the rain, all raise your spirits up about ten notches. You won’t feel any better anywhere. Mountains, oceans, beaches and verdant jungles all sing their siren song morning noon and night! Al fresco dining in practically every restaurant and bar all give you more of this precious outdoor time. It’s primordial!  

If you opt for any of the true mixed-villages — where both Native Dominicans and ex-pats from every corner of the earth all make their homes — you will be comfortable from the first day. There are so many English Speakers (and they are all ready to lend a hand) that you will start calling your friends and neighbors and families back home, trying to get them to join you. After your first few days, you will start settling into the Caribbean Pace and the luxury of the native attitude. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dancing every day of the week!

Thriving cities like Las Terrenas on the north coast of the Samana Peninsula are easy to navigate and easy to fill any need or want that you can think of. Beautiful Santa Bárbara de Samaná on the Peninsula’s south coast rises out of Samana Bay and up the side of a mountain just like your favorite beautifully-breathtaking Cote de Azur hamlet … colorful and quaint and arrayed even with the ubiquitous church steeple.

The entire country is rife with investment opportunity. Come down, stay a while, find your niche and fill it. Like in the days of “Go West Young man”, you can make your own fortune! The country and its government are committed to making the Dominican Republic the jewel of the Caribbean! Why just the Samana Peninsula alone has seen enough infrastructure improvements to make some countries (not mentioning any names here) blush with embarrassment. Just since I’ve been there, we have new roads, highways, airports, sewer and water systems and more. Getting back and forth to the United States is simple and easy. It is only a two-hour flight from Santo Domingo to Miami! This was another huge factor in me picking the Dominican Republic over tons of other choices. Come down and take advantage.

Living Expenses are Ridiculously Affordable!

The Dominican Republic has an extremely attractive Law that came into being in 2007. It is called Law 171-07. It allows us to retire in the DR quite easily. As a retiree, if you can prove an income of only $1,500 a month, you are in! They WANT you there … you are more than welcome! And, you can do this at any age! With an income of just $1,200 per month, you can live comfortably and safely. If you could double that you could live practically like the “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous”. You would be able to have a luxury apartment, house, condo home and even daily maid/cook or garden services!

There are several things that are much cheaper here than the United States. Labor is ridiculously low. $15-$20 per day will buy you even hard manual labor. Housing is beyond doubt, at least 50% lower. You could buy two and rent the other!  And, again, you can have any type you wish. Food in restaurants is very cheap as well. And as previously mentioned, of outstanding quality. If you decide to start eating “like a Dominican”, your home-cooked epicurean delights will keep even more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Imagine all the things you can do with that extra money each month! If you want to buy a home, name your price! You can spend as much or as little as you like.

You Won’t Be Alone!

Americans are moving to the Dominican Republic in record numbers. With them, they bring more and more amenities and attractions. You will find a more European style of life here at first, but that only makes it more attractive. I love all the French Patisseries and Italian Eateries. Businesses started by entrepreneurs hailing from America, Germany, Russia, Spain and other countries are popping up on every street.You will love it too. I remember one spectacular Thanksgiving dinner where we had 11 nationalities all sitting at one table! The conversation we so rich and varied you felt like you were at the crossroads of the world!

Because of the more “European feel”, I think this way of life is perhaps more comfortable for Americans. While still exuding somewhat of an exotic aura, I think it is maybe ‘softer’ than full Dominican immersion. Besides, come on down and make your impact. Join the thousands of others whom have done so.

Retiring is Easy Here!

The entire process takes roughly 45 days and there are endless resources and giving-people to help.  All the benefits and tax breaks come with it too!

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