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Property Details Discussed In Depth

William Holden International Realty has chosen Zoom Video Conferencing because it is FREE to use and a simple way to learn more about specific properties in the Dominican Republic. We found it much more effective in sharing details on property options that can vary based on unit selection or availability. Using Zoom cuts down on the back-and-forth emails that can accumulate unnecessarily. It is also more convenient than “Chatting” back and forth with other types of software. The most important feature is “Screen Sharing” where everyone on the conference call can view a slide show, web-page, or document presentation. In addition, each participant on the call can share their thoughts or ask questions. Our Video Conferences can be made one-on-one or with groups of people.

Zoom Video Conferencing can be used on a computer, tablet, or cell phone, whichever is most convenient. The signup process is described below.

The first step is to DOWNLOAD THE ZOOM SOFTWARE. (This link also has Zoom Apps for cell phone and tablet.) Once the “Zoom.pkg” or “Zoominstaller.exe” has been downloaded, click on the filename to install the software. After launching Zoom, click “Join a Meeting” to join a meeting without signing in.

To sign in, use your Zoom, Google, or Facebook account. If you don’t have an account, click Sign Up Free. If you have a Zoom account but cannot remember your password, click Forgot. (Click Here for More Info)

Zoom Panel

Once Zoom has been downloaded and installed, the following panel appears when the program is open. From here, you have four options:

  • Start a “New Meeting” if you want to host a meeting,
  • “Join” a meeting that you have been invited to attend,
  • “Schedule” a meeting to be shared in the future, or
  • “Share Screen” if you want to share a screen with others.


This panel example shows current date and time — and meetings you have scheduled. In this case a meeting has been scheduled on November 07 at 4:00 pm to talk about availability and pricing at Hacienda Samana Bay. The meeting ID is included and an invitation has been sent by email. There is also a menu bar at the top with other options such as chatting or adding contacts for frequent sharing.

Schedule a Video Conference

If you would like to schedule an online video conference call, please click on the image to the left and answer the following:

  • - First Name | Last Name
  • - Phone
  • - Email

Conference Call Scheduler