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Vacation Rentals

Cabarete to Samana Peninsula

Dominican Republic

All of our rentals are managed by SeaVistas Vacation Rentals. Their team and task management system ensures our guests will enjoy the experience from booking to check-out. Communication is key for a great guest experience and the SeaVistas team is always ready to answer questions about our vacation rental properties and the process to be taken. This is enhanced by our guest messaging system to be used for travel connections, cleaning, and special needs. Reviews are available to help guests learn more about our rental properties to help make sure each property meets the guests objectives.

Guest Payment Plans

We offer “Guest Payment” plans for most of our Vacation Rentals. This allows you to make multiple payments depending on the length of your visit and the period of the advance booking. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Our Market Area

North Coast Cities

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If you would like to check availability or gain more information about a Vacation Rental, please use the form below. We will let you know availability and current pricing and answer any other questions that you may have.

Instant Booking

The Booking Engine for SeaVista Vacation Rentals is “Instant”. This feature allows all our guest to plan their trip immediately rather than having to wait for rate approval or date availability. The north coast map of the Dominican Republic shows our vacation rental market area. We are expanding our Vacation Rental Listings frequently so please check back on a periodic basis. Many of the condominiums or private villas are also for sale and the rental opportunity is a great way to learn more about the property through personal experiences.

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