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Rincon Lomas - Playa Rincon

Dominican Republic

Rincon Lomas Residential Building Sites will be the first new planned community overlooking the pristine beach at Playa Rincon. There are many new projects and developments planned for this area and no one really knows when they will actually happen. But that doesn’t matter. There are new roads and utility lines in the area and the infra-structure is already solid. Although things will likely get even better in the future, the Rincon Lomas development can stand on its own and be a treasured place to own property for many years to come. Its design is such that future developments will only enhance the area… but not encroach upon it. The Rincon Lomas community will be built in phases with the lower levels being developed first. As you can see from the site plan below, the main road going up the mountain is on the eastern side of the property, and as such, future construction will not infringe upon the interior roads of the initial sectors.


Aerial Perspectives


This new gated community in the hills above the beautiful beaches at Playa Rincon provides a tropical and spacious lifestyle. The large building sites are well suited for social separation and wide open spaces which is in great demand around the world. The eastern tip of the Samana Peninsula on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic is a great tourist destination, but without too many people. Rincon Lomas will be great for full-time or seasonal residency. New hotel developments with golf course amenities are on the drawing and now is an opportunity to take advantage of great land prices before they climb up in value.


Why Rincon Lomas

The eastern tip of the Samana Peninsula represents the true “Greenspace” lifestyle in the Carribean. It also includes Playa Rincon which is considered one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world.

Area Video

  • Mountain Settings with Ocean Views.
  • Elevated Slopes for Ocean Breezes.
  • Lush Tropical Settings.
  • 1-Hour from International Airport.
  • 3-Hours to Santo Domingo.
  • Minutes from Pristine Beaches.
  • Building Plans Available.
  • Bank Financing Available.


Sector 1 at Rincon Lomas is at the main road level and contains a total of 61 building lots. Lot sizes range from 847 square meters (m2) up to 1,344 m2. Multiple lots may be purchased to increase the size of the residential gardens. Prices in Rincon Lomas will range from $25 to $40 per m2. For reference, an acre of land is 4,047 m2 and a typical 1/4 acre lot (1,000 m2) at $30 /m2 would be $30,000 usd.



Sector 2 at Rincon Lomas is above Sector 1 which is situated on main road level Sector 2 contains a total of 50 building lots. Lot sizes range from 938 square meters (m2) up to 1,981 m2. Multiple lots may be purchased to increase the size of the residential gardens. Prices in Rincon Lomas will range from $25 to $40 per m2.





The Google Map Below Contains Samana Resorts & Beaches.

Click on “Map Legend Icon” in upper left corner of map to see list of Places of Interest. Clicking on a Resort or Beach displays a webpage link for more info, photos and/or video. (use +/- to zoom in or out.)


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