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Listing Choices

When Listing a Property for Sale, there are two options to consider: EXCLUSIVE or NON-EXCLUSIVE. The non-exclusive listing is also referred to as an “Open” Listing. This post discusses the pros and cons of both exclusive and non-exclusive real estate listings and the difference between local and international exposure.

Seller Choices When Listing!

Each property owner can now decide if they want standard local coverage or extra exposure on the international market! With William Holden International Realty, you can now have both. If you want to go “local” and get personal attention in a specific area, the listing on William Holden International Realty will be promoted with the local culture in mind. On the other hand, if you want international exposure, our exclusive listings will also be displayed on the world-wide network of Sotheby’s International Realty. The significance of this is really astounding.

Is "More the Merrier" Better?

Based on our experience, the mind-set in the Dominican Republic seems to favor the “Open” or “Non-Exclusive” listing. The theory seems to be “The More the Merrier” or ‘There is a better chance of selling if more real estate companies have the property for sale.” But is this true? How has that worked out so far? In many cases, these “local” real estate companies are fishing in the same pond. Maybe it’s time to try something different for a change. Maybe it’s time to give an exclusive listing a try and see what the international experts can do. Again, owners can still try and sell the properties by themselves. Moreover, the “Exclusive” time period is not that long, so who why not give it a try. There is really nothing to lose.

Non-Exclusive vs "Exclusive"

Non-Exclusive Listing – This type of agreement gives multiple agencies a chance to sell the property. If a property owner decides to go this route, they will not be able to use Dominican Republic Sotheby’s International Realty for marketing purposes. However, William Holden International Realty is available take on “Non-Exclusive” listings. As a side note: Exclusive Listings with our company will be presented on both DR Sotheby’s International Realty and William Holden International Realty. This gives our exclusive listing double exposure.

Exclusive Listing – This type of agreement gives an international marketing team a chance to share a property for sale with affiliates around the world to maximize exposure. Although the listing is exclusive for a period of 6 to 12 months, the property can still be sold by the property owner. The commission rate for our exclusive listing with DR Sotheby’s International Realty is generally 6% of the sale price, However, our agreement is unique in that we only charge a 3% commission if the owner sells the property personally — or through another representative. The 3% fee is due our company because of the extensive work required by us to give the property international exposure. It is also important to note that if another real estate agent brings a buyer to our company during the term of the exclusive agreement, we split the commission with that agent… at no extra cost to the seller!

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