Santa Barbara Samana – $5,000,000 – per Corporate Share

The Santa Barbara assembly of land parcels are located on the Samaná Peninsula which is on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The site is approximately 125 kilometers (77 miles) northwest of Punta Cana and situated in a natural and tropical environment with clear views of Samaná Bay. The typography includes both beachfront and gentle mountain slopes. The Santa Barbara site covers 300 hectares (3.0 million m2) or 741 acres of virgin land with 1.5 kilometers of the property at beachfront level. The property then rises 3.0 kilometers up gentle mountain slopes to the peak of the mountains.

Although all parcels of land are currently for sale at a total price of 39 Million USD, or $13 per square meter, “Reservations” are being accepted for shares in a company being formed to acquire the land. The price of each share is $5,000,000 for 12.5% ownership in the company. When a sufficient number of Reservations are received and payments for the land have been made, title to the property will be conveyed to the company. The table below shows approved property types and number of units.

The $39,000,000 million price tag of the total parcel includes all engineering and architectural drawings and governmental permits for such. A planned development was designed by a team from Spain and includes a site plan with an 18 hole golf course, a resort hotel, condominiums, townhouses and private villas. The plan satisfies all environmental requirements and all building permits have been issued.

Within the perimeter boundaries of the Santa Barbara Samaná site is an executive international airport named Arroyo Barril. The runway is aligned east-west and has a paved length of 4,582 feet (1.4 km) with prevailing winds out of the east. The airport has a modern air terminal and has both a customs office and fuel facilities. It caters to private and local charter flights and is within 30 to 45 minutes flight from all the main international airports in the Dominican Republic. The planned golf course at Santa Barbara Samaná will surround the Arroyo Barril Airport and act as a buffer between the airport runway and residential units.

Once the sale of residential and commercial products within Santa Barbara Samaná commence — each corporate owner will be entitled to a pro-rata share of the profits received, if any. Corporate share holders will also have the option to convert equity in the company to personal ownership of land or projects developed within the Santa Barbara Samaná community. As an example, owner equity in the company could be converted to a residential villa, completed condominium units, or a larger portion of land to be developed personally. To become a corporate owner, a $5,000 deposit is required upon signing a Reservation Agreement (available upon request). All escrow payments or refunds will be done according to the policies set forth in the Agreement.

In addition to the golf course, the following amenities will be included:


Click on Image Below for a full view of the proposed Santa Barbara Samaná Golf Course Community.

The Dominican Republic is catalogued as one of the world’s most important tourist destinations and the main destination in the Caribbean. The Dominican Government, through its Tourist Department, has initiated the promotion of quality tourism in the Samaná peninsula with low-density and maximum-design developments. These projects are designed to attract golfers and water-sports enthusiasts with major tourist attractions. Popular resorts on the peninsula are Puerto Bahia Samaná on the south side of the peninsula and El Portillo Beach Club; Balconies Del Atlantico; Vistas Del Cayo; Playa Bonita: Viva Residences; and Sublime Samana on the north coast of the peninsula . The best-known beaches are Rincón, Playa Colorado and Playa Madame.

The Dominican Republic offers the following:

  • Strategic geographic location.
  • Excellent climate throughout the year.
  • Large and spectacular natural resources.
  • Significant variety of beaches: Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean.
  • Great cultural richness.
  • Low labor costs.
  • Legal security and political stability.
  • Seven international airports and direct connections with the world’s main capital cities.

The image below is a typical Private Villa Plan.

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