Puerto Bahia Hotel 1 Bedroom Condo

Modern Elegance

As you can see from the images above, all areas of the condo have direct access to the terrace with views to the swimming pool. Next you can see the living are with all the modern furnitures in a open space.

Kitchen-Dining Areas

The kitchen has a modern design and is fully equipped. It is also conveniently located for serving the dining area and outdoor terrace. It includes an electric range, exhaust fan and microwave.

Why Puerto Bahia

Puerto Bahia Samana has it all. The Bannister Hotel overlooking the Yacht Club & Marina includes multiple restaurants and lounges; meeting rooms; a gymnasium & spa.

Area Video: Puerto Bahia

The amenities at Puerto Bahia Samana include the following:

  • Yacht Club & Marina
  • Ocean Club & Restaurant
  • Private Swimming Area
  • Tennis Courts
  • Gymnasium & Spa
  • Multiple On-Site Restaurants
  • Adult & Children Social Areas
  • Bicycle & Walking Trails

Floor Plan


Bedroom-Bath Areas

This one Bedroom included a terrace with views to the swimming pool and tropical garden in Puerto Bahia. There also included a private bathroom with all the accommodation. 

Puerto Bahia Amenities