El Marinique Hotel – $600,000 – Las Galeras

By William Holden

El Marinique is nestled atop a small bluff overlooking beautiful Las Galeras and Rincon Bays in the village of Las Galeras at the north-eastern tip of the Peninsula, some 27 Km (18 miles) from the town of Samana. One of only a few oceanfront hotels in Las Galeras, el Marinique provides you the peace and serenity that very few hotels in Las Galeras can offer. The entire coast is yours alone to admire and enjoy. With lush, tropical grounds ablaze with color and a spectacular view always just a glance away.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to buy a business in the Las Galeras area and really grow with it. Las Galeras, as much as anywhere else on the peninsula, offers terrestrial and subaquatic adventures for those with a will strong enough to ignore the pull of inertia and overcome the temptation to do nothing more than lie around your bungalow or while away the day at a restaurant watching others do the same.

Las Galeras has not only been discovered by the French and Italians, but Bulgarians, Canadians, Americans, Belgians, Spaniards and Germans, making it a more eclectic global village than other more touristy spots on the peninsula; and it’s one of the few independent-traveler-minded locales in the DR – there’s barely an all-inclusive resort in sight.

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