Hacienda Samana Bay 2-Bedroom

The Hacienda Samaná Bay 2-Bedroom Condominiums is offered in Buildings 2 and 3 (B2, B3) in the image below. The floor plan is double the basic 1-Bedroom floor plan and has an expansive double-wide ocean view terrace. Another unique feature of the 2-Bedroom apartment is additional side windows because of their end-unit locations. The $271,000 usd price is for the second floor apartments and the price increases approximately $13,000 per floor. Please contact us to confirm pricing and apartment availability.

Building 1 is on the street level is referred to as the “Hotel” with reception center, meeting rooms, shops and multiple restaurants. There will be a medical clinic with ambulance access on the main level. There is elevator service to each floor with the rooftop level consisting of additional restaurants, social areas and swimming pools. Buildings 2 and 3 are referred to as the “Residential” buildings for owners and long-term residents. (Owners in Building 1 are restricted to 30 days a year occupancy because of the guaranteed rental returns.)


Hacienda Samana Bay is located in the northeastern portion of the Bay of Samaná which is often referred to as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It is a safe and private residential area with ocean views embedded into nature with pristine natural surroundings. With this unique setting, Hacienda Samana Bay also has easy access to the vibrant city of Samaná and the entire Samana Peninsula. The floor plan below shows the layout of the studio apartment. The modern kitchen is centrally located for easy access. There is air conditioning in the main apartment and there is a window in the private bathroom allowing views out to the ocean.

2-Bedroom Floor Plan


Property Management

In addition to Condominium Administration, there will be an additional on-site team that will provide services in Rental Management, Property Maintenance, and Financial Reporting after all condominium fees have been paid. When not in residence, owners can arrange for rental income of their individual apartment. The onsite rental management team will establish seasonal rates and develop a marketing strategy to maximize net rental income. The Hotel Plan below shows a typical layout of a typical floor. There is elevator service to all floors, including the rooftop swimming pools, restaurants, and social areas.