Cabarete Ocean Center – $3,800,000 – Cabarete

The Cabarete Ocean Center is an oceanfront Condominium Project in the center of Cabarete Bay. The beach to east is lined with multiple international restaurants and the location of Cabarete Ocean Center is at the beginning of residential developments that continue west for kilometers along the beach. There are seven (7) individual apartments in the project which include five (5) separate 2-Bedroom beachfront apartments, a 1-Bedroom apartment on the entry side of the building, and a penthouse apartment on the fourth floor, which has distinctive views of Cabarete Bay. One of the 2-Bedroom apartments is on the first floor and has direct walkout access to the beachfront swimming pool, restaurant, and Tiki Bar. From there, the Cabarete Beach expands both east and west. The other four beachfront apartments are on the 2nd and 3rd floors with terraces that open up to palm tree and ocean views. The two bedroom apartments range in size from 102 to 123 square meters. On the more private side of the building on the 2nd floor is a 1-Bedroom apartment which is 44 square meters. The 4th floor penthouse apartment is currently being renovated but includes 2 bedrooms on the entry side of the building and a large rooftop area that has a kitchen, bathroom, and large oceanfront terrace.

In addition to the residential living space, there are also commercial areas for a beachfront restaurant, bar and water sports center. The first, or ground level includes a reception center-office, storage space and a large enclosed are for all types of water sport gear. Between the main building and the beachfront bar and restaurant is a wood-decked common area that is great for assembling or laying out the water sports equipment for use or for maintenance. There is also an outdoor shower area for cleaning sand off your feet of sand on your sports equipment.

This Cabarete Ocean Center can be purchased for its real estate and/or with operating businesses to offset ownership costs. The option to purchase part of the real estate and business is available. Net income reports for the restaurant, sports center, and rental receipts are available on request.

This project is also eligible for “Fractional Ownership”. If you would like to learn more about this fractional concept, please click on “FRACTIONAL” on the Main Menu above. Or you may contact us by clicking on Request Info on “Fractionals” in the column to the right.

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Property Features

  • Beach Bar
  • Beach Restaurant
  • Beachfront Lounge
  • Beachfront Swimming Pool
  • Ocean Front
  • Watersports Center