Arroyo Barril Beachfront Estate

Private Community

Arroyo Barril Beachfront Estate consists of 5 residential parcels of land overlooking the Bay of Samaná on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. Two of the parcels have a combined water frontage of 100 meters. All parcels can be combined to form one family estate, or as an alternative, be used as a gated community containing 5 individual private villas (after obtaining the required building permits). The total site contains 30,409 square meters which is 7.52 acres. The sizes of individual parcels can be viewed in the chart below.


Why Arroyo Barril

This location is only 20 minutes from the Samana El Catey International Airport and conveniently located between Las Terrenas and Samana.

Area Video...

This video shows the property’s location on the Samana Peninsula. The video tour starts with a Google Earth perspective and shows you the general location of the property and the main roads that lead to the area.

Property "Tour" Video...

This video shows a “Walk-Through Tour” of the property. It’s a great chance to get a true feel for the beachfront land the the possibilities for development. The tour starts on the roadside upper knoll, a closeup view of the beach, and the possibilities of both multi-family and private villa construction.

Individual Parcels

The image to the left shows how the entire site could be used for individual family bungalows or private villas. The site has numerous plateaus for construction or amenities and the entire slopes gently down to the waterfront. (Site plan designs may need permits and approval.) This allows for terracing to maximize water views from nearly every spot on the property. Lots 1 and 2 start from the waterfront and rise 10 meters to the rear of the property. The picturesque beach is lush with colorful plants and lots 1 & 2 are ideal for building a villa and swimming pool with direct access to the beach. The east side of the property is lined with a small creek with clean spring water. Lots 3 and 5 have long frontage on the access road and are wooded with coco and other trees. These lots are the highest part of the property and have scenic views of Samaná Bay. Lot 4 has an independent path from the access road.


Individual Lot Sizes

The image to the right shows the size in m2 of each lot in the Arroyo Barril Beachfront Estate. For reference, Lots 2 & 3 are directly on the beach.


Individual Parcels

The property is well-maintained and is in a friendly and protected neighborhood. It has Clear Title with Deslinde. The waterfront is well suited for a boat dock and swimming platform. There is a sandy beach during low tide and a stone wall prevents any soil erosion with a tide of only a foot or so..


The beach has a wild attractiveness and is shaded by mango, almond and sea-grape trees. A solid stone-wall has been built on the shore to prevent the erosion of the land and has proven to be very effective. A perpendicular wall has been built into the water on the west side to enhance the accumulation of sand. The beach on the east side of the property has a thin layer of pebbles, but the west side of the property is primarily sandy. The entire beach area can be greatly improved with some cleaning and minor dredging. A boat dock could also be installed on the east side of the property to protect and preserve the swimming area on the remainder of the beachfront.

Adjacent to Arroyo Barril Estates is a local executive airport named Arroyo Barril. The airport has a modern air terminal and has both a customs office and fuel facilities. It caters to private and local charter flights and is within 30 to 45 minutes flight from all the main international airports in the Dominican Republic. Traffic volume is very low and there are no jet aircraft arriving or departing. As such, there are no noise abatement issues. The airport is open from sunrise to sunset and is well-suited for a residential community and residents who own private aircraft. The runway is aligned east-west and has a paved length of 4,582 feet (1.4 km) with prevailing winds out of the east. Arroyo Barril has a control tower during daylight hours and is certified for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) only.