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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions About Investing in Dominican Republic

Why Invest in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a country that offers many reasons to invest. It is rapidly becoming the most traveled to destination in the Caribbean. The country’s growing economy is supported by an ongoing process of modernization and aggressive efforts to promote international trade. It has a democratically elected government with strong international ties to the US and Europe and enjoys an environment of political stability. They are investing heavily in key infrastructure such as electrical grids, roadways, airports and more. Free zones and tourism are currently two of the most promising sectors for foreign investors. READ MORE…

How to Buy Real Estate in Dominican Republic?

At William Holden International Realty, we follow a professional path from beginning to end to secure clear title when buying real estate. Our leadership is fully licensed in real estate and abides by ethics, license law, and continuing education in the USA. Based on years of training we have created a 10-step process to help buyers reach their goals and objectives. In our opinion, choosing professional representation for a buyer is as important as choosing the right real estate investment. So, let’s begin the process there. READ MORE…

Renting-to-Own real estate in the Dominican Republic is a simple process. It is similar to a long-term rental agreement but with minor adjustments. For example, a long-term rental agreement simply states the monthly rent to be collected over a specified period of time. When renting to own, a portion of the monthly payment is specified as rent and the remainder of the payment is applied to the purchase price of the property. The main elements of the rent-to-own agreement are typically: the purchase price of the property; the amount of rent applied to the purchase price; and the total number of payments to be made. READ MORE…

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