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Exclusive Listing Benefits

Dominican Republic Real Estate

When offering a real estate property for sale, Sellers frequently ask: “Should I offer my property for sale on and Exclusive or Non-Exclusive basis?” With an Exclusive Listing, you would give one Real Estate Agency the listing on the condition that this exclusive agency would work with other real estate agencies in a team-effort to get the property sold. When set up in this manner, the sales commission would be split between the two agencies. For clarification, the exclusive agent would be entitled to the commission split even though the other agency introduced the buyer to the property. In the case of the Non-Exclusive Listing, a property owner would give the listing to a number of brokers who most likely would work on an independent basis to get the entire sales commission for themselves.

So Which is the Best Alternative?

In our opinion, the best alternative is to chose a company that gives a property world-wide exposure to an international marketplace. This, however, would only apply to properties that have an international appeal. In some cases, we often recommend that properties be exposed only to the local market. However, with properties that to have an international appeal, we highly recommend the international marketplace.


Additional benefits of exclusive listings


Activity Reports

Based on our experience, “Local Real Estate Agencies” do not offer Online Marketing reports for every listing. With our Exclusive Listings, however, each owner receives weekly reports showing the activity to date.  With regards to the image to the left, the number of viewings produced 3 inquires with requests for more information. The 3 shares means someone shared this listing with someone else. And, 12 viewers indicated that this listing was a “favorite” to be reviewed at another time.

Websites and Cities

Weekly Online Marketing Reports also include the “Top 10 Websites” and “Top 10 Cities” where the activities occurred. This gives you an idea of the many advantages of using Sotheby’s International Realty on an Exclusive Basis. The same applies to the Cities and Property Views from each city. This gives you more feedback on the international exposure of an exclusive listing.


View More Stats

When you click on “View More Stats on your Home” in your weekly Online Marketing Reports, you are able to see more interesting information on who around the world is viewing your Exclusive Listing.

The ‘Views’ chart provides a measure of popularity for your listing online. This measurement shows how often your listing was viewed over the past week, as well as the number of unique people viewing your listing.



‘Markets’ provides a heat map showing the location of those who viewed your listings during the selected time period. A higher concentration of people viewing your listings in a given area would be represented by red tones – you can zoom in/out for more detail views. Also, clicking the Map/List button will switch between a map view and a list view of the zip codes with the most views for your listings.


The ‘Visitors’ chart depicts any upswings or downswings for viewing activity related to your listing. Seasonal impacts, a price change, or other market factors may result in an increased or decreased number of potential buyers viewing your listing online.



The ‘Favorites’ chart shows how many times your listing was saved or marked as a favorite on different real estate websites. A listing identified as a favorite is often revisited by the potential homebuyer and shared with others to obtain opinions.

Exclusive Listing Summary

The first question we normally ask is: “How long has your property been on the market for sale?” If the property has been on the market for a while, the second question we ask is: “How has this worked our for you so far?”

All this being said, the decision to go “Exclusive” or “Non-Exclusive” is up to each property owner. We generally will not take on a listing for sale if we feel the property will not sell in a period of six to twelve months. We also feel that the probability of a property selling at any time is based on the number of world-wide viewings. So, if you are ready to give the exclusive listing a try, or have additional questions, please use the form below to let us know.

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