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Empty Dance Floor

Let’s talk about a typical scene on the dance floor. One evening you arrive early at a fashionable club for dinner and you’re seated at a table near the dance floor. If this were to happen, how many people would you see dancing when you first arrive? Most likely, NONE. What typically happens to an empty dance floor is people wait for others to step on the floor before they make their move. Once a few more people follow the lead, more and more people get up to dance. After that, the place may rock until well after midnight.

The Dance Floor Scene Can Affect Our Perception of Things

This common behavior on a dance floor can affect how we see or judge things as negative, especially if something does not seem popular in the beginning. So, should we always rely on our initial perception? I think not! Based on the above, it’s quite normal for a dance floor to remain empty in the early hours of the evening, and therefore, some things just need time to be evaluated before any decisions are made.

As an example of this, I often visit Puerto Bahia Samana in the Dominican Republic. When you first arrive at this amazing place, it takes your breath away. It’s like a diamond in the rough undiscovered. You simply can’t believe this place exists. However, once you notice things in more detail, you start to ask: why are there not more people here?  Why is this dance floor empty? 


Similar to  the dance floor scene illustrated above, it’s early evening at Puerto Bahia Samana. It’s just waiting for more people to be on the dance floor. All the exclusive amenities are already in place – and now this Caribbean paradise is just waiting for some action. For people who enjoy arriving early and enjoying the tranquility, it’s a great time to be at Puerto Bahia. And when things do get busy, there are tons of places to go and get away to relax and enjoy.

As a brief side note, there are a few reasons why Puerto Bahia Samana has been off to a slow start. One thing is that the El Catey Samana International Airport, which is only 30 minutes away, does not have scheduled flights direct from the USA. It does have charter flights from Canada and Europe, but not currently from the United States. In a worst case scenario, you can fly into the Santo Domingo International Airport which is a 2 hour drive away, but for some that is an issue. However, the Ministry of Tourism for the Dominican Republic is directing vast amounts of resources to the Samana Peninsula, and in turn, the El Catey Samana Airport will receive direct flights from the USA and other countries in the very near future. And this will change everything.


Although the Samana Peninsula has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, amenities at Puerto Bahia include a boat marina, multiple swimming pools, tennis courts, multiple restaurants and a gymnasium and spa, but there is no direct access to a beach. As the word “Peninsula” suggests, however, the entire perimeter of the Samana Peninsula has ocean frontage with pristine beaches and mountains that slope down to the water’s edge. So, there are some people who feel a beach is part of the Caribbean dream, and in some cases, they may go somewhere else to party and dance. However, this may lead to missed opportunities and lost memories of visits Puerto Bahia Samana.


So, the dance floor is waiting for you at Puerto Bahia Samana. This exclusive gated community has 185 residences that range from oceanfront condominiums in The Bannister Hotel to private villas in the mountains above with panoramic views of the Samana Bay. There is a lifestyle for everyone. All Puerto Bahia needs now is a nucleus of families and guests to share adventures the Samana Peninsula has to offer. At this time, there are rental promotions and attractive sale prices which may add to the adventure. So, let us know if you would like to learn more about complimentary visit offers. To us, the most fun way to start an adventure is with a close group of friends. All of us that are currently part of Puerto Bahia Samana feel that the Caribbean lifestyle is all about relationships with close friends and spending time with interesting people.


By the way, we are all familiar with the bad press about people getting sick in the Dominican Republic. We still don’t know if these incidents were caused by bad liquor at the mini-bar or insecticides being taken in by some form or another. But whatever the case, long-time residents and locals consider these events to be transient in nature, and in some cases, due to natural causes. Therefore, we feel the Dominican Republic will continue to be the destination of choice for vacations and investment in the Caribbean. So again, come down and see what all this is about. There are some resorts where amenities do not matter. What is important is strong relationships, safety and being with people you enjoy. So, it’s not always about the golf course, beach, or shopping – it’s about time spent with good friends and looking forward to being with people you like, enjoy and respect.

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