Dominican Republic Villas

When do homes or a houses become Dominican Republic villas? Is it size; is it cost; or is it a matter of perception? To me, it is all of the above. In addition, it’s a matter of judgment. I also look to see if a property has “curb appeal” or what I call the “wow factor”. As an example, if a moderately sized house has a tremendous curb appeal or a breath taking wow factor, I may look at this house as a villa. The size of the land under the structure may also be a factor. If, for example, the structure sits on one-quarter acre (1,000 m2) I would definitely call this property a house. On the other hand, if the same house sits on 10 acres of beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens, which may include a private lake or lavish swimming pool, I would then reconsider the classification of this property.

When does a villa become a Luxury Villa? This is also a judgment call. And this will vary according to location, country, or Caribbean island. Adjacent or visible amenities may also be a factor. For example, is the villa situated directly on the ocean, or does it have a mountain setting with panoramic ocean views? Is the villa located within an exclusive gated community with amenities such as an equestrian center, beach club, or tennis club, or is the villa located outside a local community and enjoy it’s own secure privacy. All this being said, we consider a villa to be a luxury villa if it has an appraised value of over $3.5 million dollars. In some cases, this may offend some owners who think their lower priced villas are in fact luxury, but we set this number only as a benchmark to classify various properties. But again, there may be times when we consider a great house to be a luxury villa.

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